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ked in. There will be more taxes next year, more the year after, and still more the year after that. The pinch, if left alone, will become a fatal sting. "Individuals and business


id. Rodriguez thanked Colombia for its mediation efforts on the issue. "There was no surprise. U.S. speakers from the first day decreed the exclusion of Cuba," Rodriguez added. Rodri.


Islands and its militarization of the South Atlantic region. "Democracies like Argentina praise peace, negotiation, international law and diplomacy" and prefer dialogue to conflic.


mage to the building's windowed roof and a steel wall at the base of the structure," a police statement said Monday. "The museum was unoccupied at the time of the incident, and n.


Democrat, made the announcement in an event at the Capitol. She said Reps. Carolyn McCarthy of New York and Ed Perlmutter of Colorado are proposing a similar legislation in the H.

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are promoting sanctions against Iran in the United Nations Security Council for the alleged development of its nuclear program aimed at building nuclear weapons. But Brasilia con.

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ency reported. At the press conference with Qatari foreign minister, Clinton also urged Iran to "end its provocative behavior, end its search for nuclear weapons, and rejoin the i.

th largest. Since AT&T's proposed 39 billion U.S. dollars acquisition of T-Mobile was released in March, the deal has proved controversial, with increasing opposition from rivals.

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