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wspaper "Granma" during his recovery process in Havana, capital of Cuba on Feb. 15, 2013. (Xinhua) CARACAS, Feb. 18 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on his Twitte


th federal election over past seven years. Political watches expected a boring election, which was slated for May 2. They were wrong. Several important Canadian politicians, includi.


raining programs administered by the U.S. in cooperation with Lebanon. It added that the trip has been planned since March in coordination with Lebanon's Interior Ministry, Lebane.


n Affairs announced it was earmarking a 5-million-U.S.-dollar aid for Cuba and a 4-million-dollar aid for Haiti, which also suffered from the storm. Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, t.


34th day of measurable snow this winter in Chicago, far beyond the average of 18. Measurable snow has fallen more frequently in only two of the past 129 years in Chicago. HAVANA.

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inian prisoner has been approved to be transferred to Spain after the interagency Guantanamo Review Task Force conducted a comprehensive review of his case. The U.S. and Spain gov.

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pposition party demanded that Hammond step down and proposed a censure motion against her. Hammond narrowly escaped a vote of no confidence on Tuesday and lawmakers granted her te.

ng a Tuesday White House press conference to set up Republicans for blame if the government outlays cuts are to kick in. The Obama administration remained "hopeful" to work with Co.

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